Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Blahh so I have to do some super annoying stuff on Taluun because back when I was young and naive I didn't understand anatomy as well as I do now so I'm missing vital parts like BICEPS TRICEPS AND THE SCAPULA. So yeah I had to completely redo some stuff as well as throwing some new things onto him. So there's that. I also started working on a small side project when I get bored. This will move considerably slower because I need to focus on my thesis. Anyhow, here's two pics:

Yay. Also have been retopo-ing the centaur girl. I hate her hands and will probably fix those. But otherwise she is making some progress. I'm going to UV her and bake and see how she comes out. 

Otherwise, I'm just chugging along. Not enough sleep, as usual, and though it is INCREDIBLY frustrating...I find that correcting my mistakes is almost...a sign of progress? Like, I look back and think "Wow I was stupid. But now I am less stupid." I don't know, I think that's somethin.