Friday, March 15, 2013

Whoah, where have I been?

Ok, so wow, it's been busy. I got to a point where I was working on a ton of games and never finished my environment, yadda yadda.

So now I have a game in the making, working on the Polycount Escape Contest, and I was asked by a modding team to do my dream job...make Bionicles!

That's right, my Bionicle project from last summer paid off and now I'm working on a Skyrim mod with Bionicle characters and environments. And the fact that I'm working with a team really kicks me in high gear. So where do I start? Aside from continuing on working on Po-Koro, I've decided that Le-Koro is the next village that I tackle. So what does this mean? Of course watching MNOLG videos on Youtube (yay)!

I think that the transition from Le-Wahi/Onu-Koro tunnels to Le-Koro is a good place to start, so that means tons of rocks and trees. Woop.

To get me started on the project, here's a little mood board of Le-Koro/Le-Wahi

Can't wait to get started!