Friday, February 7, 2014

Crisis! Ok, only kind of a crisis

So now that I'm finished with the Centaur, all I have left to do for projects is Thesis and Adrianna. However, that is never enough! I realize that I need, oh I don't know...better things on my portfolio. I see portfolios around me and what they look like and I feel like I pale in comparison.

I posted on polycount some advice, but even then, I want to also be independent in this decision. Instead of working on NEW projects (which I'd really like to do, btw) I think I might bite the bullet and do what I promised myself I'd never do!..touch up old models. I feel like I have some decent stuff but with time constraints, they never got to be what I really wanted them to be. That being said, it's time to make things look cool again! And I think I'll start with my Kappa Imp which was a concept from Nicholas Kole who is by far one of my favorite 2D artists (sorry other 2D artists!). I'll move onto a shark model which I made yeaaaaaaaaars ago but still somehow magically looks cool. Then Pumpkin girl and finally back to centaur where I can clean up a few mistakes here and there and really be a perfectionist about the thing.

Bahh what am I saying. You wanna see pictures? Here's an update on Taluun.

I still have some things to fix, but overall, thanks to the oh so glorious Marmoset 2, he's lookin' pretty snazzy. Spruce up those maps and I think he might just be something!