Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thesis update and Polycount contest!

Hey there! Ok, so last time I posted I had a tidbit of information on my thesis and my progress. Well in my down-time I have been working on a few other things so that I don't get burned out (which tends to happen).

First, I've been keeping up with my daily sculpts...but not uploading them. The time it takes to render a turntable, edit it, render that, and upload to YouTube is exhaustively long and takes a lot of time out of my day where I could be doing more interesting things. So yeah, stopped the Vlog, keeping up with daily sculpts. Speaking of which, here's a dude!

Secondly, Polycount started up a contest which I have been very interested in, and considering that it is only 3 weeks long, I decided to jump right on it! So I don't clog up the blog, here's a link to the thread: POLYCOUNT VGREMIX ENTRY!

The basic premise is a diorama based on Pikmin mixed with tabletops like D&D and Heroscape. Below is a sketchfab with my latest progress!

So that's pretty much it. I will be continuing my entry, continuing sculpting, and getting back to my thesis AS WELL AS updating my portfolio which I feel...kinda needs it. I like my old stuff, but I think it's out of nostalgia. Anyhow, winning the contest or not, I am proud of the Pikmin entry and will be placing that in my portfolio.

Until next time!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thesis pictures incoming!

Hello there! So last time I posted I was talking about getting inspiration for the project and doing a daily VLolg. I am still doing it, but need to streamline the process because as it turns out, editing the video is proving longer than actually doing it. Anyways, I have 6 speed sculpts up HERE.

Anyways, what else have I been doing? Well of course, my college thesis! And without further ado, the pictures of my progress so far on said thesis:

The first two images are of the main protagonist, Elia. She is very strong, fast, and courageous (though she is not quite sure of her full potential yet.) Some ideas behind her design were that I wanted someone with some idea of aerodynamics or fast, without being completely speed based. If that doesn't make sense, maybe this will clear it up. I wanted to give her a red color because I felt that red often signified two things: DANGER! and Fast. Think about red cars and the feeling you get from them. With her bright red jacket and tabi with orange markings I figured that it would make her look dangerous yet somewhat fashionable. The teal color I felt would bring back the extremity a little bit by cooling down her overall form along with the grey in her pants. 

The second two images you may have seen before of Taluun: God of the Sky and the "Grand Architect", though recently huge pain in everyone's ass. It is up to Elia to stop him, as protagonists do, and show a counterbalance of speed over pure bulk. Now, Taluun's colors are not all grey (because that's boring) but I am having somewhat of a hard time with deciding his scheme. I could go classic green and purple with black but I'm afraid that may be too cliche. I want him to appear light, as he is the God of the Sky and can fly, so maybe some yellows and blues. I will play around with it, but that's my thoughts so far. 

Thanks for taking a gander at my images and if you have any comments then feel free to post them below (I'm pretty sure this thing has a comments section anyways). Until next time!