Saturday, December 22, 2012

Block out has begun

I've started on my blockout of the environment, and I immediately noticed that this would be a quite difficult project simply because the concept only has the silhouette and well developed color, but leaves the fine detail to the imagination. This, however, makes me very excited because its just enough to keep me on the right track, while also leaving me to my imagination. 

I decided the best place to start was in the foreground with the mysterious and seemingly useless traffic light. Considering the area is somewhat overgrown and serves more as a walking area, I decided to further incorporate the whole sky-train idea into this piece. I decided that the only way a sky train would be practical would be if it remained in the air on a set path rather than flying around wherever it pleases. In order to get up to the sky-train you'd be required to take this elevator up to a walkway and board the train from there. 

The style of the elevator is mostly inspired by Chinese maintenance elevators. I incorporated a grid onto the sides with square holes and an aesthetic, yet functional design.  

Instead of having a door that lifts up though, I decided to make something more pedestrian friendly and have just a lift hatch. The ceiling piece at the very top is from the rest of the scene where you see those scattered all about the scene. With this as a part of the elevator, I figure it would serve as a marking for a walkway area with stops intermittently about the city. 

This is pretty much all I've worked on, but I have been planning how I want to make this and I want to try and make the whole thing procedural, using only normal maps and specular maps. I think it may just work, and I'm excited to begin that process. However, until then, I'll have to finish the block out with the exception of the actual train, which I will have to spend a lot of time trying to flesh out. 

Hope you enjoy and keep a look out for more progress. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finals, and now another new project?

Well, Finals are here and I've updated my blog almost none. If you want to see what I've worked on then check out my website. I've also become somewhat proficient at rigging and marginally decent at animating. I think, however, it's safe to say I want to do Environment Art. For the longest time I flipped back and forth between what I want to do, whether it be environment art or character art but now that I've decided, I think it's time for me to heavily focus on my skills. My work is always rushed to some extent and as a student I feel like that is good, but only for a bit. I shouldn't be lazy about my work, but I shouldn't go full force on working on projects either. I think what I'll do, after finals of course, it start on one large personal project to work on amid my school work. It'll be my go to peaceful time away from the hectic schoolwork. The concept I'll be working from is this:

This is "Sky Train" by Kinman Chan.If you want to see more of his work, here it is. I can't wait to start on this piece, and if I've learned anything from my previous project, its that block outs and time management is key. 

I'll try and keep you updated!