Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lots of work done!

So over the past few days I've focused mainly on getting Po-Koro finished as far as animations go. The village seems very alive now and full of antics (Like one of the Matoran trying to catch a goat and falling on his face.) There isn't a lot of unnecessary action though because I don't want to detract attention from the main cast of characters. I'll probably post a video later of what I have so far, but for right now I'm building lighting and need to do some texture work on the characters since Pohatu is the only polished and good looking character. Everyone else has a diffuse and barely a specular slapped on. The masks are also lacking, but I think that only Hafu, Hewkii, and Onewa need really detailed masks considering everyone else is just background.

Now that I finished Po-Koro, people and environment, I decided to start (and finish) the final character for the video, and the most important as well: Tahnok. Right now he has a pretty basic diffuse on him, but I'll be working on textures tomorrow all day (sounds like a blast). However, the modeling went by very quickly and I think that since I'm in the groove of things, modeling is the least of my worries. Getting these key animations done though is a different story. I'll need to put more time into them considering I'm not a skilled animator by a long shot.

I'm tired now and need to get some rest before starting the exciting process of refining those texture maps (and there's a million of them.) By God knows when tomorrow, I'll post tons of pictures of each character with the finished textures and maybe some videos of how the town is looking. Thursday I'll be spending the day with my friend and talking with him about getting some music for this video, although most of that hangs on when I'm finished. Either way, it'll be a nice little break. The summer is quickly fading away and my time to finish this is getting crunched down to nothing. Yikes. Hopefully I can get it done and can be ready for the next part of my project during the school year. What, you thought I'd just make all of these Bionicles for no reason or just for a two minute video? Please...I have a lot planned for these models. A lot planned indeed...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Po-Koro finally done! Now onto animations

That's right, I finally finished Po-Koro and have moved onto the tedious task of animating the city. I'm not doing the main animations yet due to the fact I still haven't finished the masks or even Tahnok! However, I've done the animations for the Maha and some for the Matoran (though the list is quite long).

I intend to have the Matoran interact with one another in various ways, so that will take some work, but I have a few basics done like idle, waving, and head turning. If these don't look quite right, it doesn't really matter since these are mainly backdrop characters and not essential to the overall video. I have to say though, Po-Koro is much more exciting to look at with actual movement in it now rather than a dead city.

Take a look at what I've got so far!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Slow going

I know I haven't posted in a few days, I'm just working on various props and things. I started a thread on Polycount to get some critique on the project, and so far with little success. Hopefully I can get the ball rolling a bit faster and finish those props. Shouldn't take too long and I just finished the crates, wagon, Maha and am working on the sand piles. Woohoo. I'll be gone for a while, but when I post again, it'll be the first pass of the completed Po-Koro and I'll have started on the animations. I'm excited, and I can't wait.