Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pohatu Model Finished

Alright, so I finished the Pohatu model today and was pleased that his mask (Kakama) didn't take as long as the other one (Pakari). I think it was because of the lack of organic curves and not as much detail into slats, etc. I still haven't gone back and worked on any of the faceting or poly problems, so that will be my project for the rest of tonight/tomorrow.

I decided that a physical part library is a perfect idea and so before I continue working on any more models, I'll set up my library on my hard drive and save each individual piece as an obj. That way I don't have to do smoothing groups to the same piece a million times and more importantly, the UV mapping wont be a HUGE pain in my ass. This means, however, that all of my models will have to come apart, but putting them together is the easy part, especially since I did it as a kid.

I'll be working on those parts now and tomorrow, so I may do just a text update or maybe a wireframe comparison in the meantime. Until then, enjoy my super duper render in Marmoset.