Friday, June 15, 2012

Not so busy day

Today was a bit of a restful day for me. I worked on only 3 of the pieces and decided that I needed a break since I've been going full force on these models. However, I looked at my website for the first time in a while and realized that the last time I updated it, I've completed 3 projects since then! All of which look better than what I already had. I filtered through and deleted some of the useless or unimpressive stuff and will work on some better renders tonight of Megajaw, Thu'ul Gatet, and after asking if it's alright, my character for the Indie developers I'm working with.

I'll start working Monday on the new Bionicle parts, but I am bound and determined to finish those existing parts this weekend and getting a basic textured Pohatu model. I'm still very inspired for the project though, just a little burned out on tweaking small cylinders and UV mapping insignificant pieces. I'll definitely make a conscious effort to keep that in mind whenever I continue. Until then, look at this beautiful screenshot from the video.