Saturday, April 26, 2014


I am a whirlwind of excitement and fear. Only 8 days until my thesis is completed. I am so unbelievably burnt out on it and quite frankly wanted nothing to do with it...then I got Substance Designer.

This program is amazing and though I've only played around with it for a bit, I love what it can do and the non destructive texturing it's capable of! I used it for this sword and I will be using it to finish texturing Taluun and the rest of the environment, which should be a breeze. The time is ever so near and I am so ready to start a new project!!! I have it planned out and am working on some concepts. I learned my lesson from my thesis that my characters need much more planning before diving into them. Granted, Senvenku was fun but he wasn't supposed to be a serious character. This next project will be and I am beside myself with excitement to start it!

Anyways, here's textured Elia and the sword she discovered, Fallahar.

The normals are a bit messed up on the sword and I plan to fix them. Right now it's super late and I'd like to go to bed. Until next time!