Friday, May 31, 2013

It's the final stretch...

Not of life or something like that. If anything, it's the beginning of my life. And what better way to start it off than with an overly ambitious thesis that I will lose many months of sleep over!

Remember the girl from the previous post? (If you're on the feed just scroll down literally one post. I don't update this thing much). Well she will be the star of said thesis, though I plan to rework her as she has many flaws (and too large of breasts).

But anyways, I will explain my thesis as concisely as possible. If you want to skip the rambling and just see cool pictures then I don't blame you. Scroll past all of this until you see the out of context scary-looking guy. Otherwise, keep reading.

The thesis will revolve around showcasing the skills I know and have obtained at my time at Mount Ida College. Hopefully, I will be successful in the character art, environment art, rigging, and animation all using the Unreal 3 Engine, Maya, and Zbrush. The idea is to make a game ready real time cut scene using the characters to premise a boss fight. As I was told by my advisor (and wisely so) to NOT make a 15 minute epic, I can't help but agree. I hope to knock out most of the character art and some rigging by the end of the summer so that I may dedicate more of my time to the rigging and animation as well as putting together the scenes and storyboarding and yadda yadda the list goes on, and it is quite daunting.

Anyways: Lore!

The following is a character by the name of Taluun. He is a god of the sky, grand architect, and overall asshole. He will be the boss our protagonist, Elia, fights. Quick back-story is that he was created to guard the people of this city in the sky which he built himself (no, it isn't Columbia or Cloud City because it doesn't float.) There were two other gods which were also sent to guard other regions, one of them being a love interest to Taluun. They both were jealous of the power of the shark god so they went to his realm together, tried to fight him, and lost miserably. They decided to take a different course of action and went to the source of their creation, powerful mystical crystals, with the reasoning that if it had the power to create them, then it could easily make them stronger. Adrianna, the other god, absorbed a few crystals and became horribly deformed. Taluun reasoned that this was so because she had not sacrificed anything to allow the crystals to enter and that's why it had adverse effects. Taluun then, as anyone would do, cut off his own head and infused the crystals with the now gaping hole and created a new head for himself. He found himself incredibly powerful and did not see himself as horribly deformed like Adrianna. They then went their separate ways and things happen that aren't really important to what I'm about to show you.

Basically, dude cuts off his own head.

So this is all I really have so far. I've been working on him off and on among other things so that's been keeping me busy. I'm going to start scheduling myself and make deadlines so that I can start focusing on other things now such as storyboarding and audio. Until next time! Enjoy.